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Sacramento Short Sales

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Sacramento Short Sale Specialists

Thank you for visiting the Heidi Phong Short Sale Team of Sacramento website. Here you will find a wealth of information about short sales in the Sacramento area as well as many tools to help you find the answers you’re looking for.

Let the Sacramento short sale specialists help you decide if you should short sell your home, or look for other options. You might start with our Short or Stay calculator above, or you might wish to contact us directly. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, we can help. The Sacramento short sale market is our business.

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What's New
  • Distressed property activity is down but short sales are still active

    According to RealtyTrac.com, distressed property sales are at their lowest since 2006. Reports show that in June of 2013, foreclosures were down by 35% compared to last year. Foreclosures and REO property sales may be falling but, the same reports show that short sales are still at the forefront of home sales totaling 14% of all sales in the U.S. this June. This means that Short sales are up 8% from this time last year!

    Even though short sales are still very prevalent to the real estate market, the housing market is on the rise… but what does this mean for you? Good news! If you are looking to Short Sale your home in the Sacramento area, it is still a great time to do so!  Since short sales seem to be stable at the moment, this would be the perfect time to contact our experts here at Heidi Phong Short Sale. We know exactly what you need to do to get your short sale moving in the right direction!

  • Short Slae a South Sacramento Home

    South Sacramento is located only 11 miles from Arden Fair mall and has quick access to major freeways (I-80 and I-5). A large hospital facility as well as several shopping opportunities are located in the heart of the community. With its charming market area located just off of S. Sacramento Freeway, featuring a diverse array of ethnic cuisine, and several community parks, South Sacramento is an affordable neighborhood to consider when buying a home.

    Though construction of new homes took a rough hit during the economic downturn, it is now on the rise! According to the estimates made by the University of the Pacific's Business Forecasting Center, beautiful South Sacramento will be back in full swing by 2017. With the promise of a communal economic recovery in the near future, average household income will also increase which means there will be more activity in the real estate market.

    This is great news for anyone looking to sell their home in the Sacramento area. Predictions from a June 17th article on sacbee.com are that single family home sales will go from around 2000 sales per year to more than 11,500 per year with a rapid incline starting in the near future. With more jobs being created in the area, including 200 in the mortgage industry alone, people will be more inclined to consider buying homes in the South Sacramento area again.

    Whether you are a homeowner looking to sell your house in the South Sacramento area, seeking advice on Sacramento Short Sale, or a buyer looking to find the right home for your family, the Heidi Phong Short Sale team has an abundance of knowledge and will be able to help you get started on the right track today!

    Check Our South Sacramento Short Sale Listings!

  • Elk Grove Short Sales

    Most homeowners looking to sell their house in the Elk Grove area understand that selling their home using traditional sale practices, could be a lengthy process.


    According to the statistics provided by http://www.streetdirectory.com, 40% of homes are sold within the first month but, the other 60% of houses on the market are not sold for 2-7 months. That means, when proceeding with a traditional sale, your home could be on the market for more than half a year!


    Of course, as a home owner in this market, you might be one of many that can say ‘I owe more on my mortgage that what my home is worth.’
    But, did you know that you have other options when selling your home in the Elk Grove area? If you are looking for a solution to selling your home, a short sale could be the answer and take as little as 6 weeks to complete.


    Are you asking yourself ‘Is a short sale a viable option for me?’ Use the “Short or Stay calculator” to find out. If so, the agents on the Heidi Phong Short Sale Team will compare your home to other short sales in Elk Grove and South Sacramento. We can provide you with an abundance of information on how to short sell your Elk Grove house with ease and as quickly as possible.